Conventionally Unconventional

Since 2009, I have provided executive coaching to over a dozen industries, over 30 companies, and many hundreds of individuals. This is a big part of my story. But there is far more to it than that.

In truth, I have always been oddly conventional and unconventional. Before becoming an executive coach, I spent years growing companies as a very conventional CPA and corporate consultant. And during this time, I also spent months in India studying yoga and meditation. The power of the mind—whether innovating new revenue streams or mastering mindfulness—enthralled me. However, at the time, I couldn’t see the common thread and instead toggled between worlds.

Hearing the Noise

In the corporate world, I learned all about the mental noise of high-stakes business—external pressures vs founding visions, what the numbers say vs what your instincts say, taking risks vs being reckless, challenging your team vs pushing them too far.

In an Indian ashram, I learned all about the noise playing beneath the surface—who I am vs the life I have created, what I love most vs what I have invested in, what I have achieved vs the potential within me.

In time, my seemingly in-congruent experiences began to shape something unique. Through my professional and personal work, I became an expert in noise and its rival clarity. My “conventional” coaching clients were suddenly finding themselves in an unconventional experience—something they and I couldn’t put into words. They called it my “magic.”

Creating a Methodology

In truth, I had learned how to swiftly discern what is noise and pull it out of the crowd, so that what is left is a shockingly clear understanding of the problem and solution, and way forward in which our own story doesn’t block our path. It wasn’t talk therapy or coaching in a fresh-perspective kind of way, but building a new capacity in others in a this-changes-everything kind of way.

Instinct and talent became methodology and craft, as I developed a way to formally train both teams and individuals in recalibrating their thinking mind. Using simple and practical techniques (no meditations cushions in the boardroom), I taught others how to remove the weight of noise in their work and life. The result was not only peace of mind, but timely decisions, innovation, creativity, and efficiency—individuals surpassing their story and stepping up to their potential.

Einstein once said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” In retrospect, my story is one of following this belief, long before knowing it.