The Path to Clarity Reveals the Path to Progress

When meeting our challenges, our absence of clarity limits us and the clearer we become, the higher our likelihood for success. However, becoming clear is not that easy because all our challenges contain elements of relevant information and elements of noise disguised as relevant information.

When noise masquerades as relevant information, we are unconsciously drawn to co-create with it which keeps us stuck in patterns we are unable to see, repeating mistakes we are unable to learn from and are held back from achieving things we know at some level are possible.

However, noise has an unmistakable quality to it and it’s in first recognizing this quality and then not acting on it in the way we normally would that helps us glimpse beyond our deeply entrenched patterns that are blocking us.

Jonathan focuses on helping people identify the noise in their current challenge and helps them see the tricky ways it attracts and moves them away from accessing what’s most relevant.

Through this process, we get to see the different and unique ways that we identify with and attach to useless, distracting and irrelevant information which raises our levels of awareness around the patterns guiding our perspectives and behaviours.

This de-personalized lens into how we co-create with noise and irrelevant information, allows us to be more receptive to clearly seeing the tendencies and patterns that are blocking us which makes it much easier for us to face and adjust our behaviours.

As we begin to adjust our relationship with our challenges in this way, our perspective of them changes too and options and possibilities that we couldn’t see before, begin to emerge and our path forward becomes clear.

Discover clarity as a path to progress, it really works.