Re-calibration: The art and science of finding clarity in a noisy world.

Living in an increasingly noisy world, we have adapted and developed a mighty tolerance for noise that allows us to function. However, this tolerance has also rendered us incapable of noticing noise unless it is incredibly loud. Consequently, noise has found its way into our world masquerading as relevant information.  One example is our super charged social media landscape that offers up huge amounts of noise pretending to be relevant information.

Our inability to recognize noise and filter it out, instead giving it relevance, has added layers of complexity to our challenges that can make everyday functioning daunting at times.

Our unconscious co-creation with noise keeps us stuck in patterns we are unable to see, repeating mistakes we are unable to learn from and held back from achieving things we know at some level are possible.

Jonathan offers fresh, insightful and engaging half day or full day workshops that:

  • Help us identify noise and discern between it and relevant information
  • Reveal the subtle and clever ways we co-create with noise and hold ourselves back
  • Provide tools to help shift beyond these hold-back patterns
  • Open the door to accessing more of our hidden potential
  • Are for groups of 6 to 8 particpants
  • Can be offsite or on site

These are perfect programs for organizations looking to offer their staff some meaningful time geared to personal development and talent development and are wonderful and powerful vehicles for team building.

Your organization may also be eligible for a free "Taste of Clarity" lunch hour experience.

For more information about the workshops or to see if you are eligible for a free “Taste of Clarity” hour for your organization, please click the link below.