My coaching won’t change who you are.

It will put you in touch with more of yourself (the potential you instinctively—or maybe barely—know is there).

My role is to get you engaging with your challenges beyond how you would normally perceive and operate.

While we won’t change who you are, we will change how you use your mind, so that you can see clearly and feel clear about what’s next.

It is a good fit for any or all of the following:

People who feel mired in a heady, cerebral relationship with their challenges.

People who feel  their usual MO isn't working anymore.

People who are maxed out and their current trajectory feels unsustainable.

People looking and ready for growth.

Possible Coaching Topics

Facing Fears

New role adjustment

Formulating strategy

Functioning with anxiety

Making complex decisions

Navigating difficult circumstances

Challenges with people management

Operating at the edge of one’s comfort zone

Improving team dynamics and team cohesion

Overcoming deep-rooted patterns that act as a hold-back

Figuring a way out of situations where one is feeling stuck

Challenges with leading people and leadership development

Dealing with behavioural challenges (own behaviour and/or others) at an interpersonal level

Addressing seemingly complex and intractable challenges both at the individual and group level

Finding balance with complex competing pressures (work-personal, personal-personal, work-work)